Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Parents' day celebrated

Prajwal School organised its 20th Parents day on 24th April 2010 at Chaughada. Students had performed different arts e.g. dancing, singing, and displayed their project works.

Students performing folk dance

Parents and students watching the students' performance
The chair of the board of Trustees and Executive Director of NEST Mr. Ganesh Kumar Shrestha , Trustee and School Management Committee Chair, Mr. Hari Prasad Sigdel, NEST Treasurer Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sigdel, NEST members , School Management Committee members, PTA members were present in the programme.

There was a high turn out of parents in the programme. Mr. Prajwal Shrestha, the Principal presented the highlights of the school’s activities of year 2066. The school organises parents’ day every year at the beginning of the academic year.
Group photos of School Management and teachers

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Prajwal School won Inter School Table Tennis Contest

10 January 2010, Sunday, Hetauda, Nepal

Prajwal school participated in the Inter school table tennis competition organized by Bal Gagrati School. Five government schools and Prajwal School had taken part in the competition. Shweta Neupane of grade 7 secured the first position in the Girls' Table Tennis competition and Sudip Dahal of Grade 8 stood in the third position in the Boys' Table Tennis competition.

Congratulations Shweta and Sudip !

Table Tennis competition held

8 January 2010,  Friday
Prajwal School organised  extra-curricular activities  for students.  For students from Grade 5 to 8, a table tennis competition was organized. Niroj Humagain of Grade 7 and Bigyan Chaulagain of Grade 6 secured the first and second position in the competition. Similarly, from the students from junior grades, a Carom board competition was held, Mr. Bishwas B.K of Grade 4 won the first prize. 

बिद्यालयको नियमित अतिरिक्त क्रियाकलाप अंतर्गत टेबल टेनिस र क्यारम बोर्ड प्रतियोगिता सम्पन्न भयो / कक्षा ५ देखि ८   सम्मका बिधार्थीहरुको लागी टेबल टेनिस प्रतियोगिता गरिएको थियो  जसमा कक्षा ७ का निरोज हुमगाई प्रथम भए  
भने कक्षा ६  का बिज्ञान चौलागाईले द्वुतीय स्थान हासिल गरेका  थीए / त्यस्तैगरी क्यारम बोर्ड प्रतियोगितामा  कक्षा ४  का  बिस्वाश बी क ले  प्रथम स्थान  हासिल गर्न सफल भएका थीए / 

Monday, December 07, 2009

Students and Teachers raised NRS 4500 in Deusi and Bhailo

On 17th October 2009, students and teachers of Prajwal School organised a fund raising program by playing Desusi and Bhailo ( a Hindu cultural tradition during Tihar festival , many children and people go door to door in the community singing and dancing. Often families offer the Deusi and Bhailo people sweets, cash donations. ). Many charities, local clubs nowadays use this occasion to raise funds for their projects.

All together 30 teachers and students participated in the programme. We started our Deusi programme at half past five in the evening and played until 4 o'clock in the morning. We were able to collect NRs 4500/-.

A committee of the students of NEST child club and teachers involved in the programme was formed to manage the fund. That committee has decided to use the fund to support disadvantaged children who are interested to study in the Prajwal School . While the school management has agreed to provide free scholarship for them, the fund will be used to provide them with school uniforms and stationary materials . The child club members will identify children whose parents cannot afford to pay for their education. The child club has also decided to collect textbooks from students at the end of the year and donate to students who cannot afford to buy books.

Purna Kumar Sherstha, the founder of the school said. " It is such a noble idea ! I am very pleased to hear that students and teachers have decided to use the fund for educating marginalised children." In order to encourage the initiative of the students and teachers, Mr. Shrestha has pledged to match equal amount to the fund. " We must encourage children to support other less privileged children. It is a very important social skill that children must learn to support others. By donating the matching fund, I hope they will be able to support more students".

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tara Education and NEST to Develop Prajwal School as a Model School

1 September 2009, Hetauda, Nepal.
NEST and Tara Education have entered into partnership to develop Prajwal School as a model school. Prajwal School will be be used as a teaching laboratory.
Tara Education was incorporated as a 5013c in July 2009 by Mary McKenna and Lisa Waugh Howard to continue work in Nepal that they began under the auspices of Bank Street College of Education during the 2008 – 9 academic year. During that time Mary McKenna served as Director of the Bank Street Educational Outreach Project in Nepal and Lisa Waugh Howard was a Bank Street Graduate Student.

When workshop instruction with the Tara Principals is offered, it will be designed around a regular schedule of observations of Prajwal teachers. The workshops will provide the foundational knowledge for the observers to understand the theory and practice of learner-centered curricula. Some of the best training institutions teach how to create activities and teachers leave with “a tin box” of activities. However, hands-on activities themselves do not teach open-ended or critical thinking and the teachers (in training programs that range from week-long to three months) do not have the background theory/knowledge to make the activities cognitively rich and stimulating

Friday, September 25, 2009


School building backside view

Thank you Everest of Apples

New classroom furniture made by donation of Everest of Apples.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thank you

Prajwal School family would like to thank Melanie Surry, Karen Retter and Chris Swanson co-directors of the Everest of Apples for their contributions to the Prajwal School's development. The relationship between the school and the Everest of Apples has been matured during your leadership. We are more hopeful in achieving our goal to educate children and adults and improve their lives by providing learning opportunities.

The school has witnessed development not only on infrastructure but also in the quality of education it offers. Because of your hard work in Japan, the school has been able to improve its teaching and learning environments. More than 50 students have received scholarship. Teachers feel more confident in using child-friendly teaching methods and children have enjoyed learning. Community members have been inspired and their participation in the school has increased significantly. It would not be possible without your support. So, we owe you sincerely gratitude and thank you very much for your suggestions, commitments and dedication to make a better world through educating children and fighting inequality.

We wish you good luck with your future endeavour and miss you a lot !